About Me

I love people. This is the reason I became a therapist. Conversations are better and more empowering when you feel like the person you're talking to cares about you.

So what does therapy with me look like? First of all, I have a sense of humor and am not afraid to use it. It is not the lay on the couch while the therapist writes out their grocery list on a piece of paper kind of experience. I value your time as much as my own. I want you to fully embrace who you were created to be. I look forward to engaging you with meaningful conversation,  tools to face the day, and knowledge and understanding of how to be wholeheartedly you.

Feel heard.

Feel safe.

Feel empowered.

You have someone in your corner who cares about you. You're not alone. What are you waiting for? Let's get you the life you want and deserve!