From mountaintops to valleys and everywhere in between, you belong.

It all started with a dream to become a mother. How hard could it be? You know your cycle and the basics. It could take a month or two...

It seems almost effortless for everyone else. Every time you look at social media there is another sickeningly sweet pregnancy or birth announcement. It feels as if your friends and family are continuously having babies.

You have been trying for what feels like forever. If the longing you feel for the babies that are not yet in your arms could create life, you'd have a house full of children.

The longing to be a mother can be overwhelming, lonely, and gut-wrenching. Yet month after month, test after test, and year after year your arms are empty and your grief is full.

Miscarriage feels isolating. Many do not understand the gravity of your significant loss. In a time when you need support the most, oftentimes you find yourself suffering in silence. In an instant, you go from feeling so full of dreams, hopes, love, and excitement to literally and figuratively feeling empty.

Know that you are not alone. Let’s get through this together. I’m here to help. Call for a free consultation and let’s talk.